The Dark Knight – Sticky Bomb Gun

Veröffentlicht: 10. Februar 2011 in Allgemeines

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Hey there,

I just wanted to share my experience with my first self-made movie prop. I choosed the Sticky Bomb Gun from „The Dark Knight“ because it didn´t got as much screen time as it deserved.

(If you don´t remember the scenes: 1. Batman shoots little sticky bombs with timer with this gun on the windows of an opposite tower in Hong Kong. 2. Batman uses it in the finale with the Joker´s men in the skyscraper construction site, shooting the same bombs on pillars.)

First you will possibly think the same as I did: „Well, it´s a gun, isn´t it?“ But it´s so much more than that. If watch the Hong Kong scene, you´ll notice that the gun is separated in two parts. The rear part can be rotated to make it longer and the „control section“ can be sledded. Also there is a 3 digit LED display, with which you can set the timer of the bombs. The front part can be sledded apart and a grip can be expanded. Also both parts must be connected to work. You see, it´s quite an interesting piece of technology.

So first I was searching for pictures of it on the internet, but there were no high quality photographs available. Even no pictures of the original one could be found. So I had to rely on pictures of it from a 1/6 model of Batman from Hot Toys which included a working model of the gun in the same scale. Because the model was about 10 centimeters long I set the length of the original one to nearly 60 centimeters.

The next step was to draw some first sketches by those pictures. This went really well and so I used these sketches as a model for the rest of the measures.

Sticky bomb gun sketches in original size

Sticky bomb gun sketches in original size

After I got them I bought some medium-density fibreboard (MDF) with a thickness of 22 millimeters. The I cut out the first parts of the „control section“ and glued them.

But soon I got another pictured and saw that it needed to be thicker than thought. Also the cuts where realy rough, because I had to use a jigsaw. So I decided to start all over again and used a scroll saw, which allows me to make thinner cuts out of the MDF. And I made three layers of 18 millimeters MDF to get the right thickness.

Because of technical problems with the scroll saw I had to make a break but hopefully today I´ll be able to continue working on the gun.


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